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Discover your special morning cup of coffee here at Coffeegato! We will offer you aromatic blend of arabica and orient spices. Our regular clients adore this morning routine and come to us everyday for the next portion of coffee. Our menu includes various special beverages you can try!

Call us or contact online to book a table for your perfect meeting with friends! You will have your great time at Aromecafe over coffee and dessert.



— caffe latte

Fresh brewed coffee and steamed milk

— caffe americano

Espresso Shots and Light Layer of Crema

— cappuccino

Espresso, and Smoothed Layer of Foam

— iced caramel latte

Espresso, Milk, Ice and Caramel Sauce

— caramel mocchiato

Espresso, vanilla-flavored syrup and milk

— espresso macchiato

Rich Espresso With Milk and Foam

— iced caffe mocha

Espresso, bittersweet mocha sauce, milk and ice

— vanilla latte

Espresso Milk With Flavor,and Cream

— white chocolate mocha

Espresso, White Chocolate, Milk, Ice and Cream

— iced smoked latte

Espresso, ice, with smoked butterscotch

— ised gingerbread latte

Espresso, Milk, Ice, and Gingerbread Flavor

— frappuccino

Espresso, and Smoothed Layer of Foam
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